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Frequently Asked Questions

Webdely is a service that offers you drag and drop interface to build your website and than host it in our servers or download/FTP to host in loc location of your choice.


Not at all. We make it easy for you to create powerful and professional website(s) without any technical skills. You will be using a drag and drop editor. You can choose from many ready made templates. What you design and see will be your final product and you can host it with one-click.


Yes, while we offer drag and drop easy to use tools, you can always edit raw HTML, CSS or Javascript and modify the code per your liking. This will bring you extra/custom possibilities on your design.


It is free to design website, use our tools and work on your website however you like, no time limits. But if you want to host your website, download or FTP to somewhere else, we will ask you for a small fee.


Not at all. You can go in after signup, use tools, see the atmosphere and incase you want more features like hosting, download than we will ask for a -very- small fee.


You can design as many sites as you want. And than you can host them with a click of button with us (or downlaod/FTP to host in somewhere else). We have different plans that will suit your needs.


Yes, that’s the idea. You can just edit your website on our drag and drop editor and make changes however you like and just publish with a click of button..


Yes, we do updates, add new website templates almost every day, new tools and gadgets for your design all the time.


Yes, we will be sorry that you leave but we won’t have hard feelings and you can download your websites before you go. Just make sure to download them before your subscription expires.


Yes, you will have stats.


Yes, you can upload anything.


We already offer you contact form script where you can get use a form to get email from your visitors on each template. If you need to install more scripts or require database like mysql, you can get a full cpanel hosting package from IGeniusHost and than you can upload your designed sites to there by FTP interface. You don’t need additonal FTP program, we offer online tools for it.


Yes, we offer hosting your site on your custom domain. You can either purchase a new domain name with us OR you can forward DNS or just A record for host only or CNAME to our domain name.


Yes, we offer sub domain hosting or just old directory hosting where you can view your website on internet or show to others.


No, our hosting will just host what you design by asking you a very small fee. If you need additonal services, we can always upgrade your website to a full cpanel hosting plan in IGeniusHost. We will transfer your website to there for you if you want. You can just purchase any package over there and contact us.


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