Not sure if you’re using the right words to describe a website? Use our web design vocabulary list to talk to professionals with confidence.



A breadcrumb is essentially a trail at the top of any given web page that shows a user where that particular page lives... Read more
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Call to Action (CTA)

A Call to Action is exactly what it sounds like; a visual element asking users to complete an action. Common CTAs for n... Read more
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Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menus reveal themselves when a user rolls over a primary navigation item, as a list of child pages (so named s... Read more
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A footer is the caboose of any given site. Similar to the header, the footer stays the same page to page, but it appear... Read more
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A website header is located at the top of each page of the website. The header typically looks the same from page to pa... Read more


A homepage is essentially the cover to your website. It’s usually the most unique page on your site, giving visitors an... Read more

Hover State

A hover state (also called a rollover state) is the slight animation that is triggered when a user rolls their cursor o... Read more
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Links allow website users to get from one web page to the next. They can be in the form of text or an image. Text links... Read more
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Mega Menu

Like a dropdown menu, a mega menu appears when a user rolls over a primary navigation item. But instead of a simple lis... Read more
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Primary Navigation

All websites should have primary (or main) navigation. Primary navigation is typically a list of prominent links toward... Read more
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Search Bar

A search bar is typically located in the upper right-hand corner of the website’s header. It is usually noted by the wo... Read more

Secondary Navigation

Secondary navigation is typically found in the website header above the primary navigation. While the primary navigatio... Read more

Selected State

A selected state is usually found in a list of navigation links to show what link is selected at that moment. This is a... Read more


A sidebar can be a very diverse piece of a website and typically appears on the majority of a site’s internal pages. A ... Read more
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